Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

ExportNote automatically detects the location of Evernote's internal database on your computer, extracts all the notes, converts them to HTML and/or PDF files, and store them in the export folder. Each note, notebook and stack are exported into a distinct folder; preserving the original arrangement.

How to use ExportNote?

Launch ExportNote. Click on the export button. After a few moments, all the notes and attachments have been exported into the export folder. You can then navigate your notes and notebooks like any regular files and folders using the Finder (Mac) or Explorer (PC).

How much does it cost? Is there any limitation?

ExportNote Premium costs $14.99. There is no time limitation or any restriction. You can use the application as often as you like, as long as you like. After purchasing ExportNote, you will receive a link valid for 5 downloads, including future releases.

Does ExportNote support large accounts?

ExportNotes supports any size of database. Depending on the number of notes, the export might take a significant amount of time (several minutes or hours), but it will complete without any difficulty. On our testing environment (MacBook Pro 2.7 GHz), ExportNote can export 1-2 notes per second. That is roughly 10-15 minutes for 1,000 notes, 2-3 hours for 10,000 notes.

Does ExportNote support multiple accounts?

Yes. ExportNote automatically detects the list of accounts available on your machine and allow you to select which one to export.

Which version of Evernote are supported?

ExportNote supports any version of Evernote and any recent version of Mac OS X and Windows.

Do I need to communicate my login or password?

No. ExportNote does not require any confidential information. In fact, it does not even require an Internet connection. Everything is done on your computer, and no information is ever shared with anyone.

Can I export local notebooks?

Yes. ExportNote exports all the notes, even if they are stored in local notebooks.

Which types of attachments are supported?

ExportNote exports any type of attachments, including PNG, JPEG, BMP, PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP, WAV, MP3. If you can store it in Evernote, ExportNote can export it.

Where is my data?

After clicking on the export button, all the notes are exported into the export folder, under a new sub-folder called ExportNote_<date>_<time> (e.g. ExportNote_20150508_234959). By default, ExportNote uses the "home directory" as export folder. You can select any location by clicking on the select button.

ExportNote is great, but I really like to have a feature to...

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any feedback or request of features. We are always excited to hear more about your needs and we are constantly trying new ideas to make the application as perfect as possible.